Foot pain in plantar fasciitis could be treated through fat injections

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common cause of foot and heel pain. It is caused due to inflammation to the plantar fascia ( a connective tissue that runs along with the sole if foot). Currently doctors advice physiothearpy and excerise as a safe option but surgery and steroid injections are also done to release tension.
Steriod injections can have some serious side effects like weakening of plantar fascia.
But recently researchers from university of pittsburgh has developed a treatment for chronic plantar fasciitis is through fat injections.

Fat was injected into the sole of the patient under local anaesthesia. And was observed for 12 months they concluded that patient’s experience reduced pain and improvement in their condition. Scientists explained that fat has stem cells and growth hormones which promote healing by increasing the blood supply.

Other researchers said that long term effects study should be conducted with different sets of males and females with different age groups.

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