how I cleared my OET exam…

I gave and passed my OET (occupational english test) in July 2022 in first attempt.

What is OET you ask? It is an english language exam which assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to register and practise in an English-speaking environment. Different healthcare professionals apply in their respective fields, like Doctors apply for OET Medicine.

It has 4 parts,

  • Listening (45 min)
  • Reading (60 min)
  • Writing (45 min)
  • Speaking (20 min)

You can get more info about the exam at their official website.

Here I’m giving a few tips that might be useful in getting the desired grade for PLAB1 and GMC registration (B and more in all 4 parts).

  1. First of all, search their official site for sample papers.
  2. You can use various free resources for practice and getting to know the pattern, marking scheme, grammar and everything .
  3. some of the free resources are- Youtube channels official OET, OET online and speaking practice videos.
  4. Start skimming through English papers on google, wikipedia, etc to increase your reading skills of medical vocabulary.
  5. There are google drive links which have case scenarios for speaking.
  6. Speaking exam is usually more dreaded.. I’ll share tips about it in next post..

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